Rep Matt Hall
Rep. Hall: Benson backtracking on transparency undermines election integrity
RELEASE|December 16, 2020
Contact: Matt Hall

House Oversight Chair Matt Hall, of Marshall, today issued the following statement after receiving a letter from Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson indicating she will not accept an invitation to testify before the committee. Hall and the House Oversight Committee are looking into reports of election irregularities from the November election and seeking answers for people who have voiced concerns:

“Secretary of State Benson said she would be willing to testify before the people’s representatives when it made a good talking point for her and got her good press. But when the rubber met the road and it came time to answer questions about her work, she refused to take questions. Benson’s flip-flop makes it clear she would rather hide under a rock than help the people of Michigan build trust in their state’s election process going forward.

“Legislators are hearing those concerns, and we are taking action to address them. But this needs to be a collaborative effort to deliver trust. The House and Senate Oversight Committees have previously heard testimony from multiple county clerks from both parties on what they saw and what can be done to better Michigan’s election system in the future – and those conversations and ideas were extremely constructive and helpful.

“Our committee would like to have similar discussions with Secretary of State Benson, and I am disappointed she is brushing aside that opportunity while making excuses and playing cheap political games.

“This is about people, not politics. The electoral votes for Michigan have been submitted. But people in Michigan still have questions about their state’s elections and those questions deserve answers. I fear we are headed for more distrust in the future if people are denied clarity and transparency from officials who head up the process.”

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