Rep Beth Griffin
Rep. Griffin demands forensic audit, subpoena power due to election concerns
RELEASE|December 9, 2020
Contact: Beth Griffin

State Rep. Beth Griffin, of Mattawan is following through with definitive action as people continue to voice concerns over the most recent election.

Griffin and other legislators are seeking a forensic audit of the election and have asked the House to extend subpoena power to the chamber’s Oversight Committee in order to get testimony from additional individuals to speak on Michigan’s election system.

House Speaker Lee Chatfield said this morning that the Michigan House will vote next week to authorize subpoena power to the House Oversight Committee.

“There have been numerous allegations of fraud involving our state’s most recent election and people deserve answers,” Griffin said. “These efforts are about investigating what laws were broken and it is our duty is to restore public confidence in a fair and lawful election process. We must hear from a wide array of individuals who were directly involved with our election so people can have trust in the election process as we move forward.”

The House Oversight Committee recently heard testimony from several Michigan residents who were at the TCF Center in Detroit and asserted they saw abuses of the duplicate ballot and ballot tabulating processes, as well as sequentially numbered ballots showing up in boxes as if they were pre-ordered that way. Their accounts also included Republican challengers being harassed or not replaced by another Republican challenger if one was removed, potentially jeopardizing needed oversight of counting procedures.

Leaders from the House and Senate Oversight Committees previously issued a subpoena to the BOE, wishing to review documents and communications involving the state’s elections system in order to provide clarity and help build a trustworthy process for the future.

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