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Rep. Greene vehemently opposes proposal to register homeschool students with state
RELEASE|December 5, 2023
Contact: Jaime Greene

State Rep. Jaime Greene, R-Richmond, today issued the following statement after the Democrat chair of the House Education Committee called for new policies to require homeschool students to register with the government:

“Requiring homeschool students to register with the state is an egregious violation of parental rights, an invasion of privacy, and an unwarranted government overreach. Parents have the fundamental right to choose the best educational path for their children without intrusive oversight. Mandating registration undermines this autonomy and sets a dangerous precedent of excessive state control, impeding the diversity and individualized approach that homeschooling uniquely provides.

“Rather than burdening homeschool families with additional administrative hurdles and invasive reporting requirements, efforts should be directed toward supporting and improving the public education system and child protective services. This homeschool registration proposal not only disregards parental rights but also misguidedly focuses on regulating a successful and legitimate educational choice, diverting attention and resources away from addressing systemic problems within government agencies.”


Rep. Jaime Greene serves as the Republican Vice Chair of the House Education Committee. She is a homeschool parent who consistently stands up for parental rights in education.

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