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Rep. Greene: Michigan must find ways to make life more affordable in 2024
RELEASE|January 23, 2024
Contact: Jaime Greene

Governor should focus on people’s top concerns during State of the State address

State Rep. Jaime Greene today shared her top priorities for the state, which include making life more affordable, getting back to the basics in education, and fixing local roads – issues she hears about frequently from the people she serves.

Greene, R-Richmond, said she hopes the governor will shift her focus to these areas of widespread concern during her annual State of the State address on Wednesday.

“Last year, the governor and the Democrat majority in the Legislature prioritized policies that were pretty divisive,” Greene said. “It’s time to shift focus and prioritize solutions that make life better for everyone in Michigan.”

In addition to the high cost of living, Greene noted that Michigan’s income tax rate increased this year, taking even more money out of people’s paychecks.

“It’s become very expensive to live in the state of Michigan,” Greene said. “We don’t have a lot of money in our pockets because we’re all paying more for groceries, gas, and bills. We all want to hear the governor’s ideas about how to make like more affordable.”

Michigan’s education system is also lagging behind. The state ranks near the bottom of the country in reading scores, with seven out of every 10 fourth graders in Michigan schools unable to read proficiently.

“We need to get back to the basics when it comes to education,” Greene said. “State leaders shouldn’t be spending time working on an ‘environmental justice curriculum’ when our kids are behind on the basics. Let’s focus on fundamental education principles like reading, writing and arithmetic. I envision young individuals seamlessly entering the workforce and securing employment in Michigan after high school, even if they decide not to pursue a college education.”

Finally, Greene said local road repairs have been neglected by the governor, whose focus has been on interstates and state highways. The budget signed by Gov. Whitmer last year included no new funding for local roads throughout the state. Despite Republican calls for a $1 billion investment in local roads, Democrats only spent on state highways and a few favored projects for political allies. By contrast, Democrats handed out more than $2 billion to their political friends and allies for pools, solar farms, zoos, opera houses, and more.

“Let’s finally fix the ‘bleeping’ roads, once and for all,” Greene said. “Instead of all the horse trading that goes on to make sure the governor’s political allies get their roads fixed, we need to listen to the experts and use a fair process that prioritizes the worst roads all throughout our state.”

Gov. Whitmer will deliver her State of the State address at 7 p.m. Wednesday.


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