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Rep. Friske Announces Strong Pro-Life Bill Package
RELEASE|May 26, 2023
Contact: Neil Friske

Yesterday, Rep. Frisk introduced a new Pro-Life bill package. The package is listed below:

  • HJR C – Joint Resolution to amend the Michigan Constitution to remove the Right to Reproductive Freedom for All (Proposal 3) Amendment from the State Constitution
  • HB 4683 – A bill to reinstitute revised 1931 Ban on abortion (with rare exception for life of the mother)
    • (Modifies language from ‘procure a miscarriage’ to ‘abortion’)
  • HB 4684 – A bill to reinstitute revised ban on sale of prescription abortion pills
    • (Modifies language to banning pills strictly for purposes of abortion)
  • HB 4685 – A bill to reinstitute the ban advertising for abortion services
  • HB 4686 – A bill establishing criminal sentencing guidelines for those who violate the above bills
  • Lastly, a SIMPLE RESOLUTION declaring the evidence for life prior to birth and the condemnation of deliberate abortion as murderous!

“While unlikely to pass, this package should serve as a guideline for Republican Pro-Life legislators,” said Rep. Friske. “This Pro-Life model should be the official Republican platform for life, and repealing Proposal 3 and reinstituting Pro-Life laws should be the first and foremost goal of our caucus.”

Rep. Friske was grateful to receive several Republican co-sponsors on the package. Reps. Maddock, Carra, DeSana, Cavitt, Rigas, Fox, & Alexander joined Rep. Friske on all 4 bills, the joint resolution, and simple resolution.

“I’d like to thank my Republican colleagues who were brave enough to stand with me and co-sponsor this legislation,” said Rep. Friske. “I am thankful that we are standing strong together in our fight for life.”

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