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Rep. Fink’s plan furthers goal to make Michigan more competitive, attract qualified jobseekers
RELEASE|January 25, 2022
Contact: Andrew Fink

Measure would allow transfer of bar exam scores between states

The state House today approved Rep. Andrew Fink’s plan to expand the types of examinations accepted from applicants seeking to become licensed attorneys in Michigan.

The Uniform Bar Examination (UBE) is a nationally administered bar examination that tests knowledge of general principles of law, legal and factual analysis, reasoning and communication skills to determine the readiness of an individual to practice law.

Individuals applying to practice law in certain states may transfer their UBE test scores to seek admission to the practice of law in another state, so long as the state where they wish to practice law has approved use of the UBE.

The Michigan Supreme Court recently amended the Michigan Court Rules to allow for acceptance of the UBE in Michigan. Fink’s bill further implements those changes and creates a fee for admission to the practice of law through use of UBE test scores, which will help cover costs incurred by the state Board of Law Examiners.

Fink, a licensed attorney, testified in support of his plan in the House Judiciary Committee in November.

“Michigan is one of only 12 states that has not adopted the Uniform Bar Exam. There is no reason to prevent a qualified individual from another state from coming to Michigan to practice law,” said Fink, of Adams Township. “Similar legislation this term allows nurse licenses and real estate licenses to be accepted across state lines. This measure is part of that greater plan to make Michigan more competitive and more attractive to qualified jobseekers.”

Joining Rep. Fink to testify in support of House Bill 5541 was Michigan Supreme Court General Counsel Cami Pendell.

“The state Board of Law Examiners has done its due diligence over the course of four years in researching and assessing the implementation of the Uniform Bar Exam in the state of Michigan,” Pendell said. “The board worked with law professors and testing experts to determine that there are a lot of advantages to adopting the UBE in Michigan.”

The legislation would also allow the Board of Law Examiners to administer a Michigan-specific component of the test.

The plan now moves to the Senate for further consideration.

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