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Rep. Fink stands up for local housing
RELEASE|March 18, 2024
Contact: Andrew Fink

State Rep. Andrew Fink has introduced a plan that would prohibit local government ordinances that drive up the costs for landlords, which ultimately makes housing less affordable in Michigan.

Specifically, the bill prohibits municipalities from enacting or enforcing an ordinance that:

  • Prevents a landlord from obtaining information about a prospective tenant’s financial or criminal history.
  • Prohibits a landlord from entering into a rental agreement with a prospective tenant while another tenant resides in the property.
  • Prohibits a landlord from showing their property to a prospective tenant while another tenant resides in the property.

“Ordinances like these are driving up the cost of rental properties, making Michigan a less affordable place to live and raise a family,” Fink said. “And preventing landlords from screening tenants based on criminal history is unsafe for neighboring residents in multi-family dwellings. Our state law should protect the property rights and safety of Michigan residents.”

House Bill 5564 was referred to the Committee on Economic Development and Small Business.


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