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Rep. Fink: Democrats’ budget plan won’t fix the damn roads
RELEASE|June 30, 2023
Contact: Andrew Fink

State Rep. Andrew Fink (R-Adams Township) voted against the state budget proposal brought forth by House Democrats Wednesday, which he said drains the state’s multibillion-dollar surplus without properly funding local road and bridge repairs.

In opposing the record-high $81.7 billion spending plan, Fink criticized Democrats for unsustainably expanding the state’s budget, even as Michigan’s population has decreased since 2020.

Despite spending through the state’s surplus, which started the year at $9 billion, the Democrats’ budget distributes no additional local road funding to Michigan communities, instead picking favored areas for specific projects. Earlier this year, Republicans proposed a $1 billion investment in local roads.

“This budget plan will lead to lasting consequences in future years when we won’t have surplus dollars in the billions,” Fink said. “What’s worse is that this irresponsible plan doesn’t even include appropriations to fulfill the basic needs of communities like ours. Given the governor’s supposed commitment to roads, I was hopeful her friends in the legislature would prioritize local road and bridge improvements, but that’s not the case.”

Despite Fink’s opposition, the budget was approved and sent to the governor for final consideration.


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