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Rep. Filler: House Democrats back off court-packing plan after criticisms mount
RELEASE|October 18, 2023
Contact: Graham Filler

State Rep. Graham Filler said House Democrats have backtracked on plans to rush House Bill 5131 through the House Government Operations Committee today. The bill, which Filler raised serious concerns about on Tuesday, creates a new Court of Appeals district and packs the courts with six new judgeships. Filler released the following statement:

“House Democrats made a misstep when they tried to rush House Bill 5131 through the Government Operations Committee this week. It’s clear their initial approach was a mistake and that I wasn’t the only one who had serious concerns about this proposal. I appreciate their willingness to slow down and step back, and I hope it means we can have a bipartisan conversation about this bill moving forward.

“Past efforts to address the staffing levels in our court system have always been bipartisan and data-driven, with plenty of input from the State Court Administrative Office to ensure the best access to justice. So far, none of that is true about House Bill 5131. That’s bad for our state.

“Promoting partisan influence over the judicial system is wrong, and people recognize that. Polling clearly shows Americans don’t support court packing. They want the best courts possible that provide fair access to justice.

“I hope the decision to take this bill off Wednesday’s agenda signifies a commitment to a more open and deliberative process moving forward. It is essential to ensure that any adjustments to our court system are made with the best interests of the public and the integrity of our justice system in mind.”


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