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Rep. DeBoyer votes against broad government overreach
RELEASE|March 9, 2023
Contact: Jay DeBoyer

State Rep. Jay DeBoyer, of Clay Township, today voted against a pair of advancing Democrat proposals that go against individual freedoms and choices.

The Michigan House approved legislation repealing the state’s right-to-work law and requiring universal background checks.

The current right-to-work law prohibits labor contracts that require union dues or fees. DeBoyer said repealing the law prioritizes broad mandates and lobbyist concerns over allowing a worker to make the best choice for themselves and their families.

“This legislation takes away a choice workers should have and forces them to pay a fee to get and keep a job. That’s the message we are sending hard-working people in our districts if we pass this. We’re telling our constituents that whatever their individual thoughts are on the benefits of union membership, their personal beliefs do not matter,” DeBoyer said. “Whether you think unions are the greatest thing since sliced bread, or whether you think unions don’t serve any real purpose at all – the act of state government requiring a person to join one for a job is the real issue.

“I don’t believe it is state government’s job to make that decision for someone.”

DeBoyer also voted against a plan requiring universal background checks for firearm transfers and creating universal firearms licensing. The first-term legislator outlined numerous enforcement concerns and unintended consequences that will fall on law-abiding gun-owners when speaking in opposition to the plans on the House floor.

“The real issues we must focus on are how we enforce laws that we already have and addressing individual needs instead of inanimate objects,” DeBoyer said. “This legislation is an overreach. It violates the Constitutional rights of people across my district and does not focus on effective solutions.

“This is a pie in the sky plan that will experience a ton of implementation issues and not provide much for how it would stop criminals who already are set on breaking our laws.”

The advancing bills related to firearms are House Bills 4138 and 4142-43. The right-to-work reforms are contained within House Bills 4004-05.

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