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Rep. DeBoyer criticizes reckless, unsustainable spending within advancing budget plan
RELEASE|June 29, 2023
Contact: Jay DeBoyer

State Rep. Jay DeBoyer, of Clay Township, on Wednesday voted against an advancing budget proposal that bloats state government in record fashion while offering little to meet critical needs.

House Bill 4437 and Senate Bill 173 commit roughly $82 billion for the upcoming fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. DeBoyer noted annual adjusted gross appropriations have increased by over $30 billion from where they were a decade prior.

The new high-water mark for state spending comes after the drainage of what was a nearly $10 billion surplus just six months ago. It also comes at a time when many hard-working taxpayers are struggling with their own budgets due to inflation.

“There are real needs that aren’t being addressed with this plan,” DeBoyer said when addressing the plans before the Michigan House. “We should be looking at committing more resources to infrastructure – bridges, water lines, and sewer – as well as increased public safety through the recruitment and retention of law enforcement and other first responders. That’s what people I talk with across our region want and expect in terms of return on investment for their tax dollars.

“Instead, we’re taking all of this funding and spreading it. It’s 96,000 square miles in size and an inch deep. It doesn’t fund things at a level that’s going to solve any problems. It creates problems by creating long-term liabilities with one-time spends. This sends us on a path where we’re potentially in a financial crisis and we have to raise taxes or cut benefits. That’s not the right path forward for our state.”

DeBoyer illuminated multiple instances of wasteful spending within the budget plan, including $50 million for an unlisted, undeclared project in the greater Detroit area, $125 million for electric buses, and funding for the creation of 1,000 full-time state jobs.

“It’s out-of-control spending, and it’s going to have long-term ramifications for hard-working people and their families in Michigan,” DeBoyer said.

The proposals will soon head to the governor for consideration.

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