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Rep. DeBoyer blasts Democrats as another potential conflict of interest arises
RELEASE|October 20, 2023
Contact: Jay DeBoyer

State Rep. Jay DeBoyer today highlighted another potential instance of a House Democrat caucus member having a conflict of interest on a controversial package of bills.

DeBoyer pointed to a report today from the Detroit News disclosing that state Rep. Joey Andrews, who serves as majority vice chair for the House Energy, Communications and Technology Committee, is an owner of a solar company called Parasol Solar. Andrews has been in favor of a new proposed policy that would give the state power over local governments to pursue large solar and wind power developments.

Making the situation more precarious, Andrews’ sister is a registered lobbyist in Lansing who advocates for green energy companies, groups and policies.

The report comes just weeks after news that House Appropriations Committee Chair Angela Witwer has ties to numerous clients that have benefitted from the state budget passed earlier this year.

“There seems to be a pattern forming of apparent financial self-interest in the Democrat caucus,” said DeBoyer, of Clay Township. “We are only 10 months into a new session and we already have had two potential conflicts of interest by Democrat legislators without as much as one single legitimate question from the House Ethics and Oversight Committee.”

Earlier this month, Rep. DeBoyer co-sponsored a House Resolution calling for a special committee to investigate Witwer, but the measure was referred to the House Government Operations Committee instead of receiving support from the Democrat majority in the House.

“This pattern of behavior is insulting to the people of Michigan,” DeBoyer said. “Last November, voters in this state supported Proposal 1 which requires financial disclosure requirements for legislators. The Democrat majority has until Dec. 31 to implement this constitutionally required proposal and they still have yet to hold a single committee meeting on it.

“There’s also a rampant double-standard in place. Allegations were made against a Republican representative, Tom Kunse, earlier this year about potential conflicts of interest he had. The difference is that Rep. Kunse loudly, publicly and directly requested an investigation and Democrats never pursued the matter. When you compare how this matter was handled to these issues that we have seen from Democrats, all we are getting is crickets.”

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