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Rep. DeBoer celebrates state investment in Holland Community Ice Skating Park
RELEASE|October 11, 2023
Contact: Nancy DeBoer

Rep. DeBoer is celebrating the Revitalization and Placemaking Program grant that was awarded to the City of Holland for the Holland Community Ice Skating Park. 

The RAP grant comes from Michigan’s Economic Development Fund. A total of $800,000 is expected to go to the ice rink project.

“I am excited to see this highly anticipated project moving forward,” DeBoer said. “I have supported Frank Kraai’s generous vision and the development of Window on the Waterfront since I was on city council and throughout my time as mayor of Holland. The ribbon skating path dated back to Mayor Dykstra’s era. It’s great to have the state’s support in helping bring the project to fruition for the community.”

The ice rink project was spurred by a lead gift of $1.116 million by retired local educator Frank Kraai in 2021. Designed to blend seamlessly into the natural landscape, the Holland Community Ice Skating Park will feature a manmade frozen pond and a ribbon of ice that loops north around landscaped islands. It will be one of the largest ice rinks in North American and will accommodate a least 300 skaters at once without overcrowding.

According to the city, the park will be in use throughout the year. The local Parks and Recreation Department will host art, theater, and music programs in the space and is considering additional options including opening the rink to roller skating in non-winter months.

More information about the project can be found here.


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