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Rep. Cavitt: Transparency plan moves Michigan in the right direction
RELEASE|November 20, 2023
Contact: Cam Cavitt

Rep. Cam Cavitt, R-Cheboygan, released a statement today regarding his yes vote on financial transparency legislation. Cavitt remains concerned about the shortsightedness of the package. The plan passed at 3 a.m. earlier this month as one of the last votes of the year.

“Michigan residents deserve more than what Democrats delivered in their financial disclosure package. I voted yes because the legislation is a step in the right direction. I’m just disappointed the step had to be so small. Transparency is important to me and every other Michigan resident. Forcing a 3 a.m. vote was irresponsible and exactly what we’re trying to get rid of.

“Legislators’ job was to deliver a plan built on a strong foundation. Democrats could’ve worked with Republicans. We could have crafted a bipartisan plan to actually address the issues. Instead, we were forced into voting on a package held together by some toothpicks and loose string found in a dark Capitol closet.

“Political gamesmanship and unethical votes run rampant in Lansing. We had to make government more transparent and hold Legislators to a higher standard. Folks want to be sure their lawmakers aren’t profiting off their elected office. Well, Democrats’ vehicle to meet those requirements had no tires, headlights, engine, or steering wheel. But, the frame, albeit rusty and almost entirely unreliable, was there.

“I couldn’t vote no on bills that take our government in the right direction. The Democrat plan pales in comparison the voters’ mandate. But I could not leave Lansing knowing I voted against a top priority of Michigan residents.

“The conversation cannot stop here. It’s our duty to make government more transparent and hold elected officials to a higher standard.”


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