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Rep. Cavitt to governor: Prove you care about Northeast Michigan
RELEASE|February 5, 2024
Contact: Cam Cavitt

State Rep. Cam Cavitt, R-Cheboygan, released the following statement Tuesday after Alpena Community College recently announced plans to pursue a grant from the Michigan Public Service Commission to fund a 1.8-megawatt solar array project.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for the governor and her MPSC to put their money where their mouth is and support a Northern Michigan community,” Cavitt said. “The new energy mandates she forced through last year are damaging for rural communities. A major biomass power plant in Lincoln just announced it would be closing. Unless something changes, people are going to leave our community because they must find work. Giving ACC resources to educate folks on renewable energy can hopefully stop the bleed.”

ACC President Dom MacMaster presented the solar array plan to the ACC board last week. He said the project, contingent on funding from the MPSC, would help power the college, contribute to different educational programs, and allow ACC to potentially sell excess power to Alpena Power.

“Here you have a community college trying to do everything right,” Cavitt said. “They’re following guidance and trying to invest in clean energy. I’m hopeful the MPSC will recognize that effort. Northeast Michigan has been treated like a red-headed stepchild for a long time now, this a great opportunity for that to change. I have been working closely with ACC and using everything in my power to get this project across the finish line.”


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