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Rep. Cavitt introduces plan to give priority to Michigan campers
RELEASE|March 19, 2024
Contact: Cam Cavitt

State Rep. Cam Cavitt today introduced a plan to give Michigan residents priority access to state parks and forests. House Bill 5597 would allow Michigan residents to make campground reservations at state parks or forests for two weeks before nonresidents can make reservations.

“It’s great to see so many people interested in camping in Michigan. But some of our most popular parks fill up so quickly that state residents have less than 20 minutes to get a spot before they’re gone,” Cavitt said. “There should be perks to living in Michigan. People who pay taxes that contribute directly to the quality of the parks should be able to get first dibs in vacationing to those parks. Camping is supposed to be relaxing. Michigan families shouldn’t have to plan their vacations by huddling around a computer in December and praying for a nice campsite.”

Campers can begin making reservations six month in advance of their planned trips. By January 8, one in three campsites across Michigan were already booked for 2024. Spots at popular campsites like Cheboygan and Thompson Harbor state parks, fill fastest, with many spots taken within hours of becoming available.

HB 5597 was referred to House Natural Resources Committee for further consideration.


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