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Rep. Carra responds to the governor’s State of the State
RELEASE|January 26, 2023
Contact: Steve Carra

In response to the governor’s annual State of the State, Rep. Steve Carra (R-Three Rivers) issued the following statement:

Yesterday, the governor delivered her first in-person state of the state address since I was elected in 2020. Earlier in the day, I released a video calling on her to support economic relief for all, instead of select people and corporations. I was unsurprisingly disappointed by what I heard from the governor.

To begin her speech, the governor stated her three primary objectives: roll back the pension tax, provide pre-k education for all, and a plan to “Make it in Michigan.”  Yet, the Democrat plan for rolling back taxes are to exempt only 500,000 families with pensions. This is in contrast to the House Republican plan that calls for immediate tax relief for all retirees, a simple and effective plan. The governor additionally wants to spend our budget surplus on free education for our youth, which will not be effective in the long term and is mitigated by Democrat proposals to eliminate basic standards of reading to advance. Perhaps our education would not be in such shambles if she had not instituted unconstitutional stay-at-home mandates that severely damaged our children as well as placing an emphasis on social justice, instead of reading, writing, and math.

However, the most disturbing part of the governor’s address was her support of corporate handout programs, such as the SOAR fund, to benefit select businesses in Michigan. This program would provide hundreds of millions of dollars to automotive companies to build electric vehicle plants in the state of Michigan. The governor isn’t interested in rebuilding the Michigan economy the right way, as she most recently went to the World Economic Forum to offer even more handouts to foreign companies to build in Michigan, benefits small business owners don’t receive.

Included in her state of the state was an unnatural level of hypocrisy. It’s not every day that you hear a politician state they want families and children to succeed while also supporting radical proposals, such as Proposal 3 of 2022, to kill children through partial-birth abortions. The governor also seemed to find new support for the men and women who make up our police in this state after marching with Black Lives Matter through the streets of Highland Park, emboldening violent activists who rioted in the summer of 2020.

The governor also went on the attack against law-abiding gun owners, calling for universal background checks and the implementation of red flag laws. These laws are a violation of the Second Amendment, and I will not stand for a governor who walks all over the Constitution and your freedom.

While a new year begins, we hear the same rhetoric from a governor who has allowed a corrupt political system to remain strong. There has been a redistribution of wealth from the hard-working middle class to the politically connected, and the only way it can change is if elected officials have the courage to enact true free market reforms. If we ever want Michigan to be a strong state again, we must end the governor’s corporate cronyism, stop her illegal attacks on your rights, and have government quit picking winners and losers.

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