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Rep. Carra helps advance plan to protect Michigan hunters from unreasonable reporting requirements
RELEASE|September 23, 2022
Contact: Steve Carra

Rep. Steve Carra and the House on Wednesday approved House Bill 6354, co-sponsored by Carra, to stop a burdensome and unfair order from the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) that will threaten hunters with criminal penalties when bow season begins Oct. 1.

“Hunting has become more than a sport here in Michigan – it’s a tradition,” said Carra, of Three Rivers. “Never should our sportsmen and women face any type of infraction regardless of how much the DNR demands exhaustively detailed information for game management. The new regulations are flat out exhaustive and unjust. The seven unelected bureaucrats of the NRC simply do not have the right to enforce criminal penalties.”

Carra said there’s an alarming trend growing in Michigan. The deer population is skyrocketing, while the number of hunters dwindles. Over the years, Michigan has contracted with trained marksmen, and veterinarians to sterilize deer in order to control their increasing population.

“The NRC’s new order will only exacerbate the recent decline in hunting that has already occurred in our state,” Carra said. “Michigan has to stop creating hurdles for hunters. To expect sportsmen and women deep in Michigan’s massive, desolate woods during their hunting trip to access a reliable internet or phone connection, and take the time to log these lengthy requirements, including the hunter’s exact coordinates at the time of their harvest, is utterly naïve. I have remained a staunch advocate for all Michigan’s hunters. I stay hopeful the NRC will completely rescind these unnecessary requirements, and the bipartisan passing of House Bill 6354 displays the need for change. This is a great first step.”

HB 6354 would amend the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to prohibit the NRC form requiring hunters to report harvested deer.

“We need more sportsmen and women, not less,” Carra said. “I applaud my colleagues in the House for seeing this plan to fruition for the sake of one of Michigan’s most historic and significant pastimes.”

HB 6354 now heads to the Senate for further consideration.


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