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Rep. Bruck introduces plan to improve traffic flow on Michigan’s expressways
RELEASE|November 7, 2023
Contact: William Bruck

State Rep. Will Bruck is leading an effort to enhance traffic flow and safety on Michigan’s expressways.

Bruck, R-Erie, introduced legislation on Thursday that would limit large trucks and tractor-trailers to the right two lanes when traveling on expressways with three or more lanes. This simple change will alleviate congestion on busy roadways by ensuring that trucks do not impede traffic in the left lane.

“By ensuring that trucks stay in the right lanes, we can keep traffic flowing smoothly in the left lanes, promoting safer and more efficient transportation for all drivers,” Bruck said. “This legislation is a vital step toward reducing the frustration of long traffic lines on our busiest freeways.”

Bruck worked with the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Michigan State Police to craft a bill that the departments could support. The bill also has bipartisan support, attracting co-sponsors from both sides of the aisle.

Bruck’s measure, House Bill 5304, was referred to the House Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee for consideration.


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