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Rep. Borton: The public won’t accept taxes built on trickery
RELEASE|February 20, 2024
Contact: Ken Borton

Rep. Ken Borton, R-Gaylord, released a statement today following the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Agriculture and Rural Development and Natural Resources meeting. Borton, who serves as minority vice-chair of the committee, spoke out against a plan to automatically charge Michigan drivers for the cost of a recreation passport unless they opt out. He also objected to increased costs in other areas of the DNR budget.

“If we transition the passport program from opt-in to opt-out we are effectively creating a tax on people who don’t pay attention. We shouldn’t be forcing people to pay for a park pass they don’t even know they’re receiving and may never use. The governor is trying to bankroll her liberal agenda on the backs of working-class folks who won’t see the hit coming.

“The passport program as it exists now is fine. People who frequent state parks can opt-in and receive a pass on their license plates, admitting them to state parks. This is a blatant money grab by Democrat leadership, and I won’t hesitate to call it exactly that.

“DNR leadership also had the gall to ask us for funding to improve connectivity issues for their officers. Yet, they’re forcing sportsmen to rely on that same shoddy connectivity when they force them to report each deer harvested. I don’t see why the DNR should spend taxpayer dollars to escape connectivity issues they’re subjecting the public to.


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