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Rep. Borton: The public shouldn’t get stuck with the governor’s bill
RELEASE|February 7, 2024
Contact: Ken Borton

Rep. Ken Borton, R-Gaylord, released a statement today following the governor’s executive budget recommendations. Borton serves on the House Appropriations Committee and as vice chair of the Agriculture and Rural Development Appropriations subcommittee.

“The governor is like that friend who wants to catch up over a pricey dinner but conveniently leaves right before the bill comes. The steak and potatoes look good on the menu, but the cost makes it a lot harder to swallow. I hope the public recognizes the governor won’t be sitting at the dinner table next to us when it comes time to pay for all her proposals.

“Today, the governor used every fancy buzzword in the dictionary to justify spending our tax dollars on frivolous new programming. There was no substantive conversation about how to fix our crumbling local roads and bridges, provide tax relief to working families, or improve our unreliable energy grid. Instead of diving into the details or providing common sense solutions, she focused on liberal talking points she hopes will play well in November.”


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