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Rep. Borton promotes peace for Israel
RELEASE|October 13, 2023
Contact: Ken Borton

Rep. Borton issued the following statement after co-sponsoring House Resolution 146, a bipartisan measure to condemn the abhorrent terrorism Hamas has unleashed against Israel and its innocent civilians. Rather than adopting the resolution, the Democrat majority referred the measure to the Government Operations Committee, a committee known for housing proposals the majority has no intention of advancing.

“The attacks on innocent families in Israel are appalling and heartbreaking. Capturing and harming defenseless civilians is barbaric.

“The Michigan House of Representatives should stand in solidarity with Israel and Michigan’s Jewish families experiencing great heartache as a result of the deplorable acts of Hamas.

“Israel has been a reliable and steadfast ally to the U.S., one that shares our goals and values. As American citizens, we must pray for their safety and security. As a nation, we must do all we can to promote peace and aid in the protection of innocent lives throughout Israel. May God help us.

“I am disappointed in the callous disregard for this serious issue by the Democrats controlling the House and hope they will reconsider their plans to shelve this important resolution.”


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