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Rep. Borton condemns radical plan to hand over local control of schools to union bosses
RELEASE|July 26, 2023
Contact: Ken Borton

State Rep. Ken Borton today blasted extreme new laws passed by Democrats that will expand the power of unions over Michigan’s public schools.

The radical changes, passed by the Democrat Legislature along party lines and signed into law today by the governor, eliminate a wide variety of protections for students that ensure union bosses don’t wield heavy-handed influence over key school decisions.

“Democrats in Michigan are undermining public education and disregarding what’s best for our students,” said Borton, R-Gaylord. “I’ve discussed this with other parents in Northern Michigan who simply want to ensure their kids have access to the best possible education that gives them the knowledge and abilities necessary to succeed in life. That is my priority. This plan strips away much-needed accountability in our schools while lending a hand to union bosses.”

House Bills 4233, 4354, and 4820, signed into law today, will enable union bosses to bargain over key school decisions and take power away from elected school boards and parents. The new law strips away provisions that have long ensured certain personnel decisions prioritize retaining effective teachers. Additionally, unions will now have a say in teacher evaluations, classroom observations, employee discipline, teacher placement, parental notification about ineffective teachers, and more. The new law also lets public schools use taxpayer funding to help unions collect dues from employees.

Democrats passed the radical bills in the face of opposition from school leaders and education groups. The Michigan Association of School Boards, Michigan Association of Superintendents and Administrators, Michigan Association of Intermediate School Administrators, Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals, K-12 Alliance of Michigan, Michigan Alliance for Student Opportunity, Detroit Public Schools Community District, and many other school districts and organizations opposed HB 4354 — the main bill opening key decisions up to bargaining by union bosses.

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