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Rep. Bollin: State revenue surplus should be used to offer relief to Michigan families
RELEASE|January 17, 2024
Contact: Ann Bollin

Michiganders continue to struggle with inflation while taxes increase in 2024

State Rep. Ann Bollin today said the $1.3 billion budget surplus state fiscal leaders projected during the Consensus Revenue Estimating Conference on Friday should be used to provide tax relief to Michigan families who are struggling to afford the rising cost of everyday goods and services.

The state income tax rate increased from 4.05% to 4.25% this year after the governor and the attorney general took action to end the reduction that occurred in 2023. Bollin, R-Brighton Township, said higher-than-expected revenue should be used to make the tax cut permanent, putting more money in people’s paychecks at a time when they desperately need relief.

“Everyday life is becoming more expensive as inflation tightens its grip on our wallets,” Bollin said. “From rising prices on basic necessities to shrinking product sizes, people are feeling the pinch. Car prices are through the roof, and homeowners face the double whammy of consecutive property tax hikes. To add insult to injury, the governor and her allies have hiked taxes back up to 4.25%. With the budget surplus we have, it’s wrong to end the tax relief that was helping people keep their heads above water.”

Bollin, a member of the House Appropriations Committee, will continue to prioritize tax relief and responsible spending as the annual state budget process kicks off in the coming weeks.


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