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Rep. Bollin seeks answers from SOS concerning redistricting commissioners living out of state
RELEASE|December 18, 2023
Contact: Ann Bollin

State Rep. Ann Bollin today called upon Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson to weigh in on the legality of two members of Michigan’s Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission who continue to serve on the commission while residing outside the state.

Bollin, R-Brighton Township, sent a letter to Benson raising concerns about the development, which was brought to light during the commission’s meeting on Thursday. Bollin also raised concerns about the lack of transparency surrounding the matter, as both individuals have been living outside Michigan for more than a year while collecting paychecks from the commission.

“By living in other states, these individuals have removed themselves from the consequences of any decisions they make as members of the commission,” Bollin wrote. “Both commissioners have maintained their voter registration in our state despite residing in other states, paying taxes in other states, and – in the case of one individual – switching their driver’s license to another state. This raises concerns about whether these individuals are maintaining their status as members of the commission simply to collect a paycheck.”

Bollin also called upon the Secretary of State to conduct an audit of the state’s qualified voter file.

“This is yet another very public reason to conduct an audit of the state’s voter rolls,” Bollin wrote. “These individuals, and an untold number like them, may be giving rise to a completely new definition to the term absentee voter.”

A full copy of Bollin’s letter is available here.


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