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Rep. Bollin, Michigan House: Health care decisions should be directed by patients, family members
RELEASE|December 18, 2020
Contact: Ann Bollin

House adopts lawmaker’s patient protection resolution

The Michigan House of Representatives Wednesday adopted Rep. Ann Bollin’s resolution affirming the rights of patients and families to direct medical decisions.

Bollin’s resolution is in response to recent COVID-19 restrictions that have led to the isolation of some hospitalized patients and senior citizens in various nursing facilities, creating unprecedented circumstances where family members cannot directly interact with their loved ones or reasonably assess their status.

Bollin said the COVID-19 pandemic should not serve as an excuse for health organizations, government agencies and elected officials to issue precautions that supersede Michigan laws that have long upheld the right of people or their family members to direct health care decisions.

“The adoption of this resolution reaffirms that it is the patient or surrogate decisionmaker’s right to direct medical decisions in conjunction with the physician, and to give affirmative consent for the refusal of treatments,” said Bollin, of Brighton. “Any notion claiming the opposite falls short of being on par with the principles of informed consent and bodily integrity. The unprecedented circumstances brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic underscore the Legislature’s duty to vigilantly protect the rights of Michigan residents, and I commend my colleagues for fulfilling that duty.”

Photo Information: State Rep. Ann Bollin raises her hand to be acknowledged to address the House chamber on Thursday.

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