Rep Ann Bollin
Rep. Bollin: Election integrity allegations must be taken seriously
RELEASE|November 6, 2020
Contact: Ann Bollin

State Rep. Ann Bollin of Brighton Township today issued the following statement in response to questions about the integrity of Michigan’s presidential election:

“As a former clerk and strong advocate for election integrity I am deeply dismayed by what is going on with elections in Michigan.

“For 16 years I worked relentlessly as a local township clerk to ensure I ran clean elections and that every eligible voter could vote freely, secretly, independently, and securely. I followed the law. As a legislator, I have been a strong voice for election integrity and an advocate for the checks and balances in Michigan election law.

“On Monday, I was at TCF and experienced first-hand what it feels like to be disenfranchised. On Tuesday, I visited various precincts across southeast Michigan to see first-hand how elections look from a different perspective. I will say that my experience with the election day processing of voters was far better than what I witnessed at TCF.

“For days I have been fielding calls and answering questions from attorneys, voters, precinct workers, volunteers, family members and neighbors asking what is going on? Why is the City of Detroit not required to follow Michigan election law? These are valid questions.

“SOS Benson seems to care more about her media schedule than delivering clean elections. This is evident by her media blitz this week highlighting the increased voter turnout and voter registrations and propping up the Detroit City Clerk who seems ill-equipped to respond to election questions.

“Most disappointing is that the Secretary of State, our chief elections officer, has created chaos throughout this election cycle with her inconsistent and incorrect messaging. It is time to hold her accountable.

“I will not stop fighting for election integrity, and I fully support the decision for our legislative oversight committees to look  into the voting and counting process in our state. This is what needs to be done to give Michigan voters the peace of mind they deserve and make sure future elections run more smoothly.”

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