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Rep. Bierlein issues statement on legislative pause, even split in House
RELEASE|November 17, 2023

State Rep. Matthew Bierlein, of Vassar, today issued the following statement as Democrats in the House have officially canceled session for the remainder of the year with the implementation of Sine Die this week. The procedural move comes as the Democrat majority shifts from 56-54 to an even 54-54 split of representatives following recent elections and will allow certain laws to come into effect:

“This is a unique time in the Michigan House. Neither side can simply send through a bill on their own terms. House Republicans are ready to work together to make life better for the people of Michigan as they face high costs, want their local roads fixed, expect increased transparency from government, and more.

“We can have productive months ahead with this approach, or leadership in the House can make it clear there is no appetite for finding common ground and go home until the spring. But the people of Michigan elected representatives to hear their concerns and act on their priorities in the Legislature, and that should be the focus now and going forward.

“During this time, I will be in our local communities listening to priorities and answering questions, as well as researching and collaborating with colleagues and stakeholders in Lansing so that we can hit the ground running when Democrats decide to turn the lights back on in the House.

“Hard-working people and families chose us to diligently work on their behalf, not wrangle our way out of tough situations and play politics.”

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