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Rep. Berman releases hand recount of full precincts in investigation of machine fraud
RELEASE|April 9, 2022

By State Rep. Ryan Berman

Given the widespread claims of machine vote-flipping after 2020, my office launched a small-scale investigation of the integrity of these machines.

The theory is that machines flipped votes from Trump to Biden, typically in small percentages that thus went undetected. Allegedly, an error in Antrim County flipped too many votes, revealing the scheme. To test this theory, my team FOIA’d ballots in 3 precincts, two using Dominion software and one using ES&S. The precincts were chosen based on purported likelihood of machine fraud as predicted by algorithms. If machines were skimming votes, the totals of the hand recount should not match the ballots.

The precincts were:

  1. Martin Township and Village in Allegan County, Dominion Machines
  2. Torch Lake Township in Antrim County, Dominion Machines
  3. Chesterfield Township Precinct 1 in Macomb County, ES&S Machines

For Martin Township and Torch Lake Township, my team visited the precincts and took ultra-HD scans of the ballots. You can download copies of the ballots yourself here and here.

For Chesterfield Township, the clerk scanned the ballots and sent them to our team.

Here are the results:

TownshipTotal BallotsTrump VotesBiden Votes
Martin twp. Nov. 315181051434
Martin twp. Recount15181052434
Torch Lake Nov. 31006526462
Torch Lake Recount1006526462
Chesterfield Nov. 31582949606
Chesterfield Recount1582948606

Note the totals do not add, as some voters selected a 3rd party candidate or did not vote for president. Given the near-exact match of the hand recount to the machine counts from precincts around the state using different machine types, it seems highly improbable that machines flipped votes in Michigan. 


  1. For Martin Township, one less third-party vote and one additional presidential vote were tallied by the hand recount. This may have been due to human error in counting ballots, particularly those with unclear marking. I encourage you to count the ballots yourself.
  2. One of the backs of the Martin Township ballots was mis-scanned. Around page 119 in Absentee batch one. This does not affect the presidential results as all pages are present. 
  3. Some of the ballot scans are in reverse order, so note that as you review. Again, this does not affect presidential results.


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