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Rep. Bellino: Report confirms Whitmer administration undercounted nursing home deaths during pandemic
RELEASE|January 14, 2022

State Rep. Joe Bellino today expressed shock that the Whitmer administration did not fully disclose the number of nursing home deaths during the pandemic by a staggering 30 percent, according to a preliminary report from the State Auditor General.

“As a state legislator, I believe it is my duty to uncover the truth for the people of Michigan,” said Bellino, of Monroe. “The people of Michigan deserve accountability and transparency as it pertains to their state government.”

The House Oversight Committee vows to continue to look at reasons for the discrepancy, as well as what changes are needed to ensure future reporting reflects precision.

“The disastrous capacity of Gov. Whitmer’s policy directives are more evident now than ever, and we must ensure these tragic circumstances do not happen again,” Bellino said. “There are still many questions to answer for, and our Legislature will be working hard to get those answers.”

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