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Rep. Alexander: Litany of problems with advancing red flag bills
RELEASE|April 13, 2023

State Rep. Greg Alexander, of Carsonville, today voted against advancing “red flag” gun bills that infringe on the rights of law-abiding citizens and endanger law enforcement.

The proposals establish Extreme Risk Protection Orders that would give courts broad discretion to confiscate firearms if a person is accused of being a risk to themselves or other people.

“These bills are so broad that they amount to little more than a gun grab and a violation of people’s Constitutional freedoms,” Alexander said. “As currently written, there is no right to a hearing before courts issue these orders. There are significant due process and implementation issues with these bills, and they don’t address the mental health hurdles many people across Michigan face or work to stop actual lawbreakers.”

Alexander also underscored the danger law enforcement would face having to serve the orders, as well as how firearms would be taken and stored.

“You’d be asking officers, without sufficient evidence in some cases, to go onto someone’s private property and try to confiscate their firearms,” Alexander said. “We’re incredibly thankful for the brave work our men and women in law enforcement do every day, but these bills will put them in situations where dangerous outcomes are inevitable. It will be tougher to attract and retain police officers in Michigan going forward because of how much more dangerous this job would be than it already is. That will make us all less safe.”

“There are also very little specifics in terms of providing the resources necessary to law enforcement to take on this immense task. Some people on the other side of the aisle wanted to defund the police – now they’d be wanting them to show up to people’s doors and take their guns. This is a rushed plan that doesn’t address this complex issue of violence in our society.” 

The legislation is contained within House Bills 4145-48 and Senate Bill 83.

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