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Rep. Alexander: Independent analysis shows severity, secrecy of budget bloat
RELEASE|August 22, 2023

State Rep. Greg Alexander, of Carsonville, today underscored a new report showcasing the vast array of spending within the state’s upcoming fiscal year budget that was rammed through irresponsibly and without transparency.

Analysis by the nonpartisan Citizens Research Council of Michigan concluded that $881 million, or 65%, of earmarks in the general budget were added into the final legislation, House Bill 4437, just hours before the vote. Eleventh-hour pork projects for select favored communities include funding for pools, splash pads, a cricket field, opera houses, and more.

“Unfortunately, this clearly shows the stunning abuse and misuse of Michigan taxpayer dollars as this budget process played out,” said Alexander, who serves on three House Appropriations subcommittees. “Adding a bunch of special projects for select areas at the last minute doesn’t deliver people across our state and our region with a good return on investment or earn their trust. It merely scores political points for elected officials while hardworking people foot the bill.”

In all, between last-minute pork projects and programs added to both the general budget and the education budget, Democrats’ final budget spent nearly $4 billion on items not seen in any of the prior budget proposals.

With the total cost of the budget coming in at nearly $82 billion, annual adjusted gross appropriations have increased by over $30 billion from where they were a decade ago. The signed budget is set to take effect Oct. 1 at the start of the new fiscal year.

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