Rep. Lynn Afendoulis
Rep. Afendoulis joins in calling for improvements to unemployment system
RELEASE|June 16, 2020

Incensed that lottery offices are open, but unemployment offices are not

State Rep. Lynn Afendoulis, of Grand Rapids, today joined her colleagues at the state Capitol to call on Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) to improve its fumbled response to the coronavirus pandemic for individuals and families desperate for income.

“Michigan families are hurting, and they deserve better than they are getting from this administration,” she said. “I have constituents who haven’t had income for months, who have lost cars, homes and businesses – and some who literally have been put on hold from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., with the hopes SOMEONE will get to them, only to be hung up on at the end of the UIA’s workday. It’s unconscionable.”

“What’s worse? Yesterday, lottery offices opened by appointment, yet UIA offices remain closed. Unbelievable,” she added.

The UIA has been unable to help tens of thousands of laid-off workers receive the unemployment benefits they deserve, and the agency has had repeated problems with its online claim filing system. Phone calls from laid-off workers also have been dropped for no apparent reason.

Afendoulis was joined by several other state representatives, all women, calling their group “Moms for Families.”

“As parents ourselves, we want Michigan families to know we hear them,” Afendoulis said. “We are fighting for not only answers from the department, but for change.”

State Rep. Lynn Afendoulis, of Grand Rapids, today joined her colleagues in a rally at the state Capitol, calling on Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency (UIA) to vastly improve its inattentive response to the coronavirus pandemic.
State Reps. Diana Farrington, Julie Alexander, Lynn Afendoulis, Sarah Lightner, Michele Hoitenga, Mary Whiteford, Daire Rendon and Ann Bollin led the “Mothers for Families” rally at the Capitol Tuesday, June 16.
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