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Reilly removes unnecessary hurdles for homeschool families
RELEASE|February 27, 2019

A solution introduced by state Rep. John Reilly, of Oakland Township, would change a law requiring homeschool students to obtain a work permit from a local school they do not attend in order to work an after-school job.

Under Reilly’s proposed legislation, parents of homeschoolers could provide consent instead.

“Current law puts schools in an awkward position as they do not know the student seeking the permit,” Reilly said. “Parents know what’s best for their children and should be given full autonomy to decide if an after-school job is what’s right for them.”

Reilly specified that the bill does not change regulations set forth by the U.S. Department of Labor. The legislation simply eliminates government overreach that creates unnecessary hurdles for homeschool students.

House Bill 4262 was referred to the House Education Committee for consideration.


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