Michigan House Republicans
Racing Backwards
RELEASE|March 16, 2023

The Lost Decade and Great Recession hit Michigan hard, and we saw firsthand the devastating effects of failed progressive policies on our economy and in our communities. High unemployment and shuttered businesses were common as people I graduated with fled a dying and decaying state seeking new and better opportunities.

In 2010, the people of Michigan elected Republicans who promised to turn things around and revive our state, and they did just that. A Republican trifecta passed pro-growth reforms that jumpstarted our economy, and we saw a remarkable resurgence in our state. Michigan was competitive again. Michigan was back.

How quickly things can change in just a few short years.  Today, we find ourselves at a crossroads. New Democrat leadership seems to be turning their backs on the progress we’ve made. They’re rushing headlong into the failed top-down, big-government policies of the past, and they’re doing so with reckless abandon.

Democrat politicians have spent billions of your hard-earned tax dollars on corporate welfare without any real strategy for long-term growth. They’re repealing your Right to Work, and they’re driving up costs for state, local government, and school projects with their poor Prevailing Wage policy. These ideas are not only misguided, they’re dangerous. They risk undoing everything for which we’ve worked so hard, and once again, they’re putting the future of our communities, state, and economy in jeopardy.

We need leadership that is focused on the fundamentals, on real, long-term solutions to our economic challenges. We need leaders who will fight for the people of Michigan, not just their political benefactors.

After graduating from college, I didn’t leave the state as many of my friends did. I stayed because I believed if we fought hard enough, we could turn our state around.  I didn’t quit then, and I’m not going to quit now. I’m going to do everything I can to stop these failed progressive policies until Republicans win back the House and stop this madness. We cannot let Michigan slip back into the dark days of the Lost Decade. We must stand together, united and determined, and fight for our future.

Michigan House Republicans

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