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New Rep. DeBoyer plans work to improve infrastructure, address housing demands
RELEASE|June 22, 2023
Contact: Jay DeBoyer

State Rep. Jay DeBoyer has introduced bills allowing cities to streamline infrastructure improvements and build more housing for both current and prospective residents.

One proposal DeBoyer has introduced, House Bill 4835, amends the Home City Rule Act by granting cities the authority to issue a special assessment district for maintenance and improvements for a private road. The Public Improvements Act already grants townships this authority, and the legislation will provide the same power to cities.

DeBoyer said the issue was brought to his attention by a community in his district, which encompasses southern St. Clair County and northern Macomb County.

“A small private road within this particular city has deteriorated over time and people living on that road do not have the resources to repair it,” said DeBoyer, of Clay Township. “After petitioning the city for assistance, the city has clarified they legally do not have the power to issue a special assessment district to fund repairs for the road.

“I am working every day in the Legislature to deliver solutions for the people and communities I represent. This change in law will give cities more tools in their toolbox to fix local roads.”

Another plan, HB 4836, updates the Land Division Act by allowing municipalities to increase the number of parcels that can be split on the first 10 acres of lots from four to 20. The bill will work to address housing demands in communities throughout Michigan.

“If we’re going to prioritize growth, there needs to be ample housing options,” DeBoyer said. “This bill will help alleviate these concerns.”

House Bill 4835 was referred to the House Transportation, Mobility and Infrastructure Committee for consideration, while House Bill 4836 was referred to the House Local Government and Municipal Finance Committee.

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