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Nessel, FBI silent in face of obvious voter fraud discovered by clerks
RELEASE|February 14, 2024
Contact: Rachelle Smit

Rep. Smit: Inaction despite extraordinary evidence points to 2020 voter fraud coverup


Rep. Rachelle Smit, Republican vice chair of the Michigan House Elections Committee, is calling on Attorney General Dana Nessel and FBI Director Christopher Wray to publicly explain why individuals associated with apparent voter fraud have not been prosecuted.

The Michigan State Police is investigating GBI Strategies, a voter registration firm, for turning in thousands of fraudulent voter registration applications in Muskegon County in Oct. 2020.

“As a former clerk, I can confidently say these registrations were put in the voter file so someone could falsify absentee ballots,” said Smit. “I spent months asking our attorney general and FBI director for answers, but they remain silent.

“Their inaction in the face of thousands of suspicious applications indicates a systemic voter fraud coverup exists in the 2020 election. These law enforcement leaders will likely allow the statute of limitations to expire, protecting the criminal enterprise.”

Rep. Jay DeBoyer, another former clerk serving in the Legislature, joined Smit in issuing a letter to Nessel and Wray.

“I spent 12 years as the St. Clair County Clerk,” DeBoyer said. “If what occurred in Muskegon had happened on my watch, I wouldn’t have left the prosecutor’s office until a legitimate investigation was clearly underway.”

“When politicians get in bed with criminals to help them get elected, we have a very scary situation in America,” Smit said. “Fighting voter fraud and protecting election integrity should be bipartisan priorities, yet Democrats refuse to act – as if their lives and careers depend on it. We can deduce their motives based on what they scream loudest to protect: voter fraud.”

There are a reported 8,262,914 registered Michigan voters, about 77% of residents. The state allows online registration as well as same-day registration at the polls. Registration requirements include a declaration of residence and U.S. citizenship.

Rep. Smit represents House District 43, which includes parts of Allegan, Ottawa, Barry and Eaton counties. She previously served as a township clerk managing elections.

Rep. DeBoyer represents House District 63, which includes Macomb and St. Clair Counties. He serves on the House Elections Committee and previously worked for 12 years as a county clerk managing elections.

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