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Legislature considering dangerous policies
RELEASE|June 6, 2023

Throughout my time in the legislature, I’ve been proud to champion commonsense criminal justice reforms that help individuals who have made a mistake and paid their debt to society re-enter the workforce and reduce recidivism rates. I’ve spoken with law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and victim rights groups which have tremendously helped in guiding my decisions as bills have come before the Legislature.  Unfortunately, new policies have been introduced that are moving beyond the realm of commonsense.

Late last month, House Republicans joined crime victims in opposing new legislation spearheaded by leading House Democrats that could let thousands of dangerous criminals out of prison early. House Bills 4556-4560 would allow almost all criminals in Michigan prisons to request a reduced sentence after only 10 years in prison.

More than 17,000 dangerous criminals in Michigan would be eligible to request a lower sentence, including more than 5,100 murderers, 1,700 criminal sexual offenders, and 1,000 armed robbers. The legislation would make it difficult for victims and law enforcement to prevent a violent criminal from getting a reduced sentence and returning to the streets to put victims and our community at risk.

In Michigan, we already make it incredibly difficult for an individual to end up in prison. Between prior reforms and diversion programs, the individuals who end up in prison have either committed a heinous crime, or they have numerous instances that have shown them to be a repeated threat to their fellow citizens.

As lawmakers, we have a responsibility to protect our residents and ensure justice for victims of crime. The absolute last thing we want is to turn our beautiful state into another Chicago or San Francisco, and if these bills pass, we’ll be heading down that path.

I will always champion commonsense reforms, not misguided, dangerous policies.  For victims of violent crimes, our state can and must do better. As always, please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me by reaching out to [email protected] or by calling me at 517-373-1799. 

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