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Leader Hall urges population commission to resist raising taxes again on Michigan families and foster economic growth
RELEASE|August 7, 2023
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, released a statement today in response to the announcement of the governor’s appointed population commission’s workgroups. These workgroups are set to provide recommendations to the commission. In his statement, Leader Hall called on the commission to resist any potential tax hikes on hardworking families and instead advocate for policies that bolster economic growth and attract high-paying careers, considering Michigan’s competition with other states for population.   

“The governor’s population commission will be under a lot of pressure to raise taxes because the democrats enacted a budget that spent our entire state’s surplus and grew government without making big enough investments in roads, bridges, safe communities paying down debt and education,” said Hall. “The commission must reject these pressures. States we are competing with across the country are cutting taxes, and people are moving to states with lower taxes, better education systems, roads and bridges, and safer communities.”   

The state budget went into effect last month, and Democrats squandered a nine billion dollar surplus while ignoring the needs of communities across the state, neglecting critical road funding for crumbling roads and bridges. The budget did not include additional funding for police retention and recruitment. The Democrat majority prioritized pork projects instead of helping our students catch up on their learning loss.

“By focusing on economic growth, making critical infrastructure investments, and bringing accountability to our education system, we can position Michigan as a leader among states, attracting families and securing our state’s prosperity for generations to come, reversing the current trend,” added Hall.  

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