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Leader Hall recaps House Republicans’ latest week of results
RELEASE|February 16, 2024
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall on Friday touted Republican successes on behalf of the people of Michigan this week as the House of Representatives continues in shared power between the 54 Republicans and 54 Democrats in the chamber.

The House this week passed House Bill 4416, a Republican plan that House Republicans on Monday requested that the speaker take up this week. The bill, which updates Michigan’s estate law, is the fourth Republican bill and the fifth bill overall to pass the House this year. The House also advanced House Bills 4312 and 4313, a Republican-led package on summer resort associations, to third reading, the last procedural step before a likely vote next week.

“With the House in shared power, Republicans are focused and proving we know how to achieve results for Michiganders,” said Hall, R-Richland Township. “Since they lost their majority, House Democrats haven’t been interested in getting much done, especially not on pressing issues like school safety, medical fraud, foster care, and our corrections workforce. But even as the speaker and Democrats twiddle their thumbs, House Republicans are taking action. In the last three months, four of the five bills that have passed the House were sponsored by Republicans. This week, every bill the House passed was on the agenda House Republicans laid out, and the chamber prepped another Republican package on our agenda for a vote. As the Republican caucus continues to spell out an ambitious agenda for the House, we hope Democrats will acknowledge the fact of shared power and come to the table so we can deal with the most crucial issues facing our state.”

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