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Leader Hall: Democrat pay cut plan will set Michigan workers, economy back
RELEASE|March 21, 2023
Contact: Matt Hall

House Republican Leader Matt Hall, R-Richland Township, on Tuesday issued the following statement after House Democrats passed legislation to repeal Michigan’s right-to-work law, forcing workers to pay union dues, and another bill to reinstate prevailing wage requirements that increase the cost of government construction projects:

“As Michigan struggles to compete for businesses and high-paying careers, Democrats are dead set on pushing forward their pay cut plan that would set our state, our workers, and our economy further behind. I’ve spoken to businesses looking to invest in Michigan and heard firsthand how repealing right-to-work would turn businesses away and let high-paying careers go to other states. Dramatically transforming our policies to harm workers and job providers will hang a ‘Closed for Business’ sign at our state’s borders and take Michigan off the list for future projects.

“At the same time, Democrats want to heap burdens on Michigan taxpayers by bringing back unreasonable prevailing wage restrictions that drive up costs to fix our roads and build our schools. Democrats are once again putting union bosses first and the people of Michigan last.”

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