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House approves Rep. Martin’s plan giving townships an option to change names
RELEASE|June 3, 2021
Contact: David Martin

State Rep. David Martin today led the Michigan House in approving a plan to give townships in Michigan a path to change their name with the support of residents.

Martin, of Davison, said state laws currently provide a course for a city or village to change its name by amending its city or village charter through a vote of the people. Townships do not currently have that same authority.

“Simply put, the law is not fair,” Martin said. “If a township wants to change its name, and the majority of the voters in the community approve, there’s absolutely no reason why the state should prevent them from doing so.”

Martin said there are many reasons why a township might consider changing its name. For example, some townships have duplicate names that create confusion. According to the Michigan Townships Association, 28% of townships in Michigan share a name with another township in the state.

Martin’s legislation, House Bill 4637, would allow a township to change its name if two-thirds majority of the township governing board approve a resolution. The resolution would then need to be approved by a majority of township voters during an August or November regular election.

The measure received overwhelming bipartisan support in the House, advancing it to the Senate for further consideration.

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