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House approves Rep. Hornberger’s plan to combat opioid crisis
RELEASE|December 2, 2021

Opioid Opt-Out plan would give patients choices, control

The Michigan House has approved state Rep. Pamela Hornberger’s plan to ensure health care providers offer patients an opportunity to avoid being offered, prescribed or administered opioids.

Hornberger’s measure is part of a bipartisan package of bills designed to further combat Michigan’s growing opioid epidemic.

“The opioid crisis knows no partisan bounds. This is an issue we’re all committed to combatting,” Hornberger said. “It is imperative that patients are given the opportunity to opt-out of opioid use and are informed of alternative options for pain management. This legislation will save lives.”

House Bills 5261-5264 require health care providers and insurers to make non-opioid directive forms available upon plan enrollment. Non-opioid forms not only allow patients to make their own medical decisions, but also bring patient awareness to alternative options to prevent initial exposure to opioids.

Earlier this year, Hornberger voted for continued funding for the state’s opioid epidemic response in the budget year that began on Oct. 1. In the 2020 budget year, she also voted to prioritize $30 million for unmet opioid substance abuse treatment and prevention needs.

The Opioid Opt-Out plan was approved with bipartisan support. Hornberger’s bill in the package received 96 yeas and 4 nays. The plan now moves to the Senate for further consideration.

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