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State Rep. Julie Alexander, R-Hanover, speaks in support of her House Bill 4876 at the state Capitol on Thursday, March 10. HB 4876 would strengthen election integrity by increasing transparency requirements for election inspectors.

House approves Rep. Alexander plan to strengthen election transparency
RELEASE|March 10, 2022

State Rep. Julie Alexander today led the Michigan House of Representatives in approving her plan to strengthen election integrity by increasing transparency requirements for election inspectors, also known as poll workers.

“A diverse portfolio of election workers helps solidify public confidence in our elections,” said Alexander, R-Hanover. “Republicans, Democrats, and election inspectors from other political parties work together to run our elections with integrity. My plan will further increase voter confidence with improved transparency regarding our election workers.”

Michigan law currently requires election inspectors to complete an application with their personal information, including identification of the party to which the applicant belongs. Alexander’s House Bill 4876 would require applicants to attest under penalty of perjury that the application is true, complete and accurate.

Under current law, local clerks are responsible for maintaining the applications of election inspectors, and the applications are available for review by the public. HB 4876 would strengthen transparency on election day by ensuring each precinct or absent voter counting board has a publicly reviewable list of the election inspectors assigned to the location, with a certification that each inspector has a complete application on file with the clerk.

Finally, Alexander’s plan would require clerks to provide each county political party with a certified list of the political party affiliation for each election inspector.

“Michigan elections must have the trust of the voters who participate in them,” Alexander said. “These small but important reforms will shed more light on our elections — so voters can trust and verify.”

HB 4876 now advances to the Senate for consideration.


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