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Freshman Rep. Joe Aragona scores rare bipartisan win as insurance bill passes
RELEASE|October 11, 2023

First year state Representative Joe Aragona scored a rare win for bipartisan policy today in Lansing as the Democratic majority voted to approve his House Bill 4704.

House Bill 4704 would amend the Insurance Code to increase (from $5 to $50) the cap on gifts of merchandise that life insurers can provide applicants for a life insurance policy, allow the gifts to be given to policyholders as well as to applicants, and change the cap to apply annually and not on a one-time or cumulative basis. If signed into law, the bill would end a burdensome regulation that’s left the insurance industry at odds for years.

“This may be a small little insurance bill, but it’s a big win for compromise and progress here in Lansing,” Aragona said. “I think it’s becoming clearer to everyone, Democrat and Republican, that we can do more good for more people here in Michigan if we’re willing to at least occasionally cross that aisle and work together. Mine wasn’t the only Republican bill that moved today, and I’m encouraged to see the majority recognize that bills should be measured by the strength of the idea, not the letter following the sponsor’s name.”

Aragona says he plans to continue pushing more bills now that he sees more compromise out on the House floor.

“A win is great, but the season here is long,” Aragona said. “My goal is to learn from this one and find more ways to work around partisan gridlock and get as much good policy passed and onto the governor’s desk as I possibly can. I don’t want to work against Democrats; I want to work for my people. I’m hoping progress like today can help others see and share this attitude.”

Rep. Aragona and his office can be reached by contacting [email protected] or +1 (517) 373-1785.

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