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Diversified Energy Sources Work Together; Both Parties Should Too
RELEASE|May 11, 2023

Michigan’s success is based on the power of free markets, American innovation, and the pursuit of economic growth. As a member of a fourth-generation farming family, I know firsthand the innovation and grit Michiganders must embody as we fight for stronger businesses, fewer regulations, and a more sustainable future.

With this spirit, I am proud to advocate for an all-of-the-above energy approach. If we are going to compete on the national stage, empower businesses, and continue boosting our economy, we must modernize our energy grid to unlock a new wave of potential.

Michigan possesses a wealth of resources to harness for energy production. Solar and wind energy have made tremendous strides in recent years, but we have more work to do. Our transmission system is most robust when energy sources work together to provide for our people, like how bipartisanship should work in the Legislature.

Embracing innovation in our energy portfolio allows us to tap into our potential while fostering a competitive and robust market. We can reduce costs, promote technological advancements, and create jobs across every sector of our economy. Embracing multiple sources, like natural gas, nuclear power, propane, wind, and solar enhances our energy security and resilience by always providing electricity even if one generation source is unavailable due to weather conditions. We should not put all our energy eggs in one basket.

Modernized transmission is crucial for maximizing the benefits of a diversified energy approach. Investing in an updated grid will increase reliability and efficiency while incorporating new energy sources into the mix. A modern grid also enables us to lean into American innovation through energy storage solutions and localized energy infrastructure, both of which strengthen our economy.

As the Republican leader of the House Energy, Communications, and Technology Committee, my priority is continuing to move toward a future that diversifies our state’s energy portfolio and embraces a commonsense, all-of-the-above approach. I am committed to working with energy leaders, and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle,  to ensure the development of proper infrastructure and a grid that sustains increased clean power development and usage.

A healthy economy and a healthy environment are not mutually exclusive, and instating artificial deadlines to appease a political base before we reinforce our grid in an inherently poor decision that will undoubtedly reduce our energy reliability.

 Through a collaborative process, we can create a competitive energy mix, foster technological innovation, and create jobs. Let us set aside partisan rhetoric and zero-sum thinking to craft policy that sustainably powers Michigan for generations to come.

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