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Allor votes to overturn 1945 law abused by Governor Whitmer
RELEASE|July 21, 2021
Contact: Sue Allor

Michigan House acts on Unlock Michigan initiative

State Rep. Sue Allor, of Wolverine, today joined colleagues from both sides of the aisle to formally approve a petition repealing the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used the act to declare an extended state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic and issued wide-ranging directives without the approval of the Legislature. In turn, the directives had wide-ranging impacts on people throughout the state – while negating the ability for them to be represented through their elected officials and have their voices heard.

In October, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that Whitmer violated her constitutional authority by continuing to issue orders without the approval of the Legislature. A citizens’ initiative sought to repeal the law, and approval from the Legislature will make it official.

“This action protects the fundamental structure of representation in government and is a win for democracy,” Allor said. “The Legislature is a conduit to the people. It is on the ground in their communities listening to their concerns or questions and taking them to Lansing to be heard. This concept was completely uprooted as the governor chose to go it alone and issue wide-ranging executive orders that impacted people’s lives.

“This measure restores that voice and I’m proud to support its approval today.”

With the Michigan Senate already approving the measure last week, the initiative now becomes law without the need for the governor’s signature – as prescribed by the Michigan Constitution. There is no ability for Whitmer to veto the proposal following passage in both chambers.

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