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Rep. Joseph Fox: “Green New Deal” will keep Michiganders in the red
RELEASE|November 8, 2023
Contact: Joseph Fox

Rep. Joseph Fox spoke out today following a 15-hour House session orchestrated that finally ended as Democrats forced through a massive energy package for Michigan on a pure party line vote.

The package primarily requires Michigan to switch to solar and wind power completely by 2035 bit it has come under more controversial fire for its removal of local control from city and town governments when it comes to exactly where these large solar and wind farms will need to be built.

“The package passed today was strong armed through and through,” Fox said. “There were lots of Democrats desperate to vote no but Tate held their feet to the fire and kept all of us im our seats until they broke. Now we have a package that will not only require us to change our grid and invite more blackouts, but it also requires us to spend tons and tons of money over the next 12 years.

Who’s going to get that money and why do so many of our Dem members seem to have financial ties to solar companies? It’s clear this door was opened not for progress, but for grift, kickbacks and favoritism delivered on the backs of inflated government contracts. We won’t have a carbon-free grid by 2035, but a lot of people are going to get very rich on the people’s dime while they waste their time trying. But those people will not be everryday families many of whom will be left in the dark literally.”

Fox voted NO on the package and says he vows to remain a firm watchdog against government grift and overspending going forward.

“In one term the Democrats set spending records in the multi-billions,” Fox said. “Michigan needs responsible, affordable policy. Not grandstanding that risks their light, heat and bank accounts for a few political points on a hot button issue.”

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