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House approves bipartisan legislation to end birth certificate discrimination
RELEASE|May 1, 2019

Today, bipartisan legislation ensuring individuals are charged the same amount to receive a copy of their birth records regardless of the marital status of their parents was passed with unanimous bipartisan support by the Michigan House of Representatives.

Currently, anyone who was born before October 1, 1978 to unmarried parents does not have their birth records on file at their county clerk’s office. As a result of this discrimination, they have a more cumbersome process of going to the state to retrieve their vital records, taking them more time and costing them more money because of the circumstances in which they were born.

“I was glad to see my colleagues unanimously support birth record equality,” said Rep. Johnson. “We can’t put a price tag on ending discrimination. The State of Michigan made a mistake decades ago that left certain people with unequal treatment. We simply must bring our state back to equality with this common-sense approach.”

House Bill 4152 now moves to the Senate for further consideration.


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