Bridging the information gap: Michigan road funding in the news

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State Rep. Ken Yonker, (right) with Eric Moederzoon from the Kent County Road Commission filling a pothole. With construction season in full swing, now seems like a good time to look back at the work Republican leadership has done to pave the way toward better roads in Michigan.

Whether approving money for much needed local projects, investing existing resources in our roads, introducing road funding legislation or even putting on a hardhat and joining a construction crew as they work on local roads, House Republicans have been hard at work looking for road funding solutions in an effort to create a brighter future for all Michigan residents.

Below are some news stories about these efforts.

–Reps. Jeff Farrington and Anthony Forlini announce Macomb County road projects last December from the Roads Risk Reserve Fund in the fiscal year 2014 budget (via Macomb Daily).

–Rep. Ed McBroom announces funding for U.P. projects from the same set of grants (via Upper Michigan Source).

Michigan Public Radio discusses the Build Better Michigan Roads plan introduced by Speaker Bolger in April of this year.

–The Traverse City Record Eagle talks about the $100 million in one-time appropriations going to local communities to help fix roads.

–Rep. Kevin Cotter announces $2.5 million in funding for road projects in Isabella County (via Midland Daily News).

–Rep. Pat Somerville announces $3 million in funding for a much needed road project in Woodhaven (via the News-Herald).

–Rep. Wayne Schmidt, chair of the House Transportation Committee, on how current leadership is working undo the damage a decade of neglect has done to our roads (via the Detroit News).

Check back next week as we detail more evidence that House Republican efforts to fix Michigan roads are having a positive impact already.